Quality By Design

The essences of quality are seen in each RAF manufactured component that makes this high performance aircraft.This quality is found in the impeccable precision found in all the 6061-T6 aluminium components in the airframe and controls, which make up the RAF 2000.

Critical, precision-fit components such as the gimble head, reduction drive, control system, as well as the Subaru engine are supplied to the customer as pre-finished quality components ready for installation.

From the rotor blades with their mirror gloss finish to the smartly finished interiors with custom made seat covers in colour and fabric personally chosen by each owner to personalize their aircraft with their creative flare.

The precision-fit components may be further personalized with red, gold, black or blue anodising for a maintenance free finish that enhances the look and longevity of the completed aircraft.

The RAF 2000 comprises the highest quality most complete kit available in the market today. Copied or modified by some to try and capture the original appeal, when a knock off just won’t do The RAF 2000 is the essence of quality re-found.

The RAF 2000 Kit consists of the following assemblies.