Service Bulletins

Service Bulletin (S.B.) is a notice to an aircraft owner/operator from a manufacturer informing him/her of a product improvement. An alert service bulletin is issued when an unsafe condition shows up that the manufacturer believes to be safety-related as opposed to a mere improvement of a product.

Rotary Airforce South Africa issues service bulletins/letters because we believe compliance will make our products safer.

For the latest service bulletins please send an email to  Service Bulletins from Product Notice 1 to 46 can be purchased online from our website under the “Manuals” page.

Please note:

The Owner/ Operator is responsible for the Airworthiness of his/her RAF 2000 Gyroplane and should this be “outsourced” or the owner choose to delegate this responsiblity, it still remains the owner/operator’s responsibility to ensure that Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and components have been installed and that the correct procedures are followed and that there is no deviation from the instructions set by the Manufacturer.

On completion of the work/installation the authorized person, owner of the aircraft, and or certifying inspector must record details of work/installation in the aircraft’s maintenance logbook.  This note should include details of the work done, the date, and the identity (including license number where appropriate) of the person carrying out the work.  It is the owner/operator’s responsibility to ensure that all the applicable logbooks have been completed, signed and certified.

Please note that the product notices issued prior to 2019 have been re-issued with Service Bulletin Numbers, we have documented both the Product Notice number and Service Bulletin number for ease of reference.

Also note that we no longer support the EJ22 Subaru carburator models and upgrades to the Fuel Injection model is required.  Contact the factory for more information.


Service Bulletin # Product Notice # Description Date Issued
SB-RAF-001_0392 NO01 – CPRONOT.RAF-01 Control Tube Crack Weld 03/1992
SB-RAF-002_0392 NO02 – CPRONOT.RAF-02 Keyed Start Switch 03/1992
SB-RAF-003_0392 NO03 – CPRONOT.RAF-03 EA82 Subaru Engine Cam Idlers 03/1992
SB-RAF-004_0392 NO04 – CPRONOT.RAF-04 Radiator 03/1992
SB-RAF-005_0392 NO05 – CPRONOT.RAF-05 Coil Bracket 03/1992
SB-RAF-006_0392 NO06 – CPRONOT.RAF-06 Gimble Head Movement 03/1992
SB-RAF-007_0293 NO07 – CPRONOT.RAF-07 350CFM & 500 CFM Carburettor 02/1993
SB-RAF-008_0293 NO08 – CPRONOT.RAF-08 Replacement of Jackshaft 02/1993
SB-RAF-009_0493 NO09 – CPRONOT.RAF-09 Coil 04/1993
SB-RAF-010_0493 NO10 – CPRONOT.RAF-10 3/16″ Ring Gear Flex Plate 04/1993
SB-RAF-011_0693 NO11- CPRONOT.RAF-11 Temporary Speed Restriction 06/1993
SB-RAF-012_0894 NO12- CPRONOT.RAF-12 Pre & Post Flight Inspections, Jackshaft, Engine Break-in, Hubbar 08/1994
SB-RAF-013_0894 NO13- CPRONOT.RAF-13 Mandatory Recall Hubbar 08/1994
SB-RAF-014_0595 NO14- CPRONOT.RAF-14 Break-in Time Change for EA85 Subaru Engine, Increase number of hours to 20 05/1995
SB-RAF-015_0595 NO15- CPRONOT.RAF-15 Electrical Installation Practices 05/1995
SB-RAF-016_0595 NO16- CPRONOT.RAF-16 Rotor Blade Strikes 05/1995
SB-RAF-017_0595 NO17- CPRONOT.RAF-17 Time Change Components 05/1995
SB-RAF-018_0895 NO18- CPRONOT.RAF-18 Hub Bar Movements 08/1995
SB-RAF-019_1195 NO19- CPRONOT.RAF-19 Improper or no support of Rotor Blades while gyroplane is stored out 11/1995 
SB-RAF-020_1195 NO20- CPRONOT.RAF-20 EA85 Subaru Engine propeller, Reduction Drive Shaft (Jackshaft) 11/1995 
SB-RAF-021_1096 NO21- CPRONOT.RAF-21 Hub Bar 10/1996
SB-RAF-022_1096 NO22- CPRONOT.RAF-22 Front Wheel Steering Change Up 10/1996
SB-RAF-023_0697 NO23- CPRONOT.RAF-23 Time Change Components 06/1997
SB-RAF-024_0697 NO24- CPRONOT.RAF-24 EJ22 HTD Belt – Time Change Component 06/1997
SB-RAF-025_0997 NO25- CPRONOT.RAF-25 Rubber Mast Bushing 09/1997
SB-RAF-026_0398 NO26- CPRONOT.RAF-26 Pre-Rotator outer cable sheath, Weather Warning 03/1998
SB-RAF-027_1298 NO27- CPRONOT.RAF-27 Teeter Tower Change up, Crank Trigger Ignition (CTI), Pre-Rotator Bendix Housing, Tip Weighted Rotor Blades, Are you ready for Solo? 12/1998
SB-RAF-028_0299 NO28- CPRONOT.RAF-28 Crank Trigger Ignition (CTI) EJ22 Subaru Engine 02/1999
SB-RAF-029_1099 NO29- CPRONOT.RAF-29 EJ22 Subaru Engine Cam Belt Drive System – 25 Hour Inspection 10/1999
SB-RAF-030_0600 NO30- CPRONOT.RAF-30 Caution Warning to all RAF2000 Gyroplane Owners 06/2000
SB-RAF-031_1200 NO31- CPRONOT.RAF-31 Rotor Blade Storage and Transportation 12/2000
SB-RAF-032_0601 NO32- CPRONOT.RAF-32 Polyurethane foam in flammable 06/2001
SB-RAF-033_0601 NO33- CPRONOT.RAF-33 RAF Rotor blades and Hub Bar, 500 hour time change component 06/2001
SB-RAF-034_0601 NO34- CPRONOT.RAF-34 Fuel Injection (FI) System, Require Fuel Injection Hose 06/2001
SB-RAF-035_1202 NO35- CPRONOT.RAF-35 Rotor Blade Replacement Program, Exp 01 Jan 2004 12/2002
SB-RAF-036_1202 NO36- CPRONOT.RAF-36 Front Wheel Post, Carburator Base Plate 12/2002
SB-RAF-037_1203 NO37- CPRONOT.RAF-37 Components requiring inspection of replacement if the RAF2000 Gyroplane is involved in an incident/roll over 12/2003
SB-RAF-038_1203 NO38- CPRONOT.RAF-38 Warning 160 HP EJ25 Subaru Engine use in the RAF2000 Gyroplane 12/2003
SB-RAF-039_1204 NO39- CPRONOT.RAF-39 Hub Bar Winglets and AN12 Bolts 12/2004
SB-RAF-040_1205 NO40- CPRONOT.RAF-40 Control System, Specific to RAF2000 Gyroplanes registered in the UK 12/2005
SB-RAF-041_1205 NO41- CPRONOT.RAF-41 Dual Flight Instruction & Pilot Proficiency 12/2005
SB-RAF-042_0111 NO42- CPRONOT.RAF-42 Non-Standard Parts Fitted to the RAF2000 Gyroplane 01/2011
SB-RAF-043_0308 NO43- CPRONOT.RAF-43 RAF has a new Logo 03/2008
SB-RAF-044_0312 NO44- CPRONOT.RAF-44 Warp Drive Plate – AN Bolt Change 03/2012
SB-RAF-045_0512 NO45- CPRONOT.RAF-45 Approved Persons on the RAF2000 Gyroplane 05/2012
SB-RAF-046_1112 NO46- CPRONOT.RAF-46 Sika Bond – Installation of Windshield 11/2012
SB-RAF-047_0713 NO47- CPRONOT.RAF-47 Repair on Fiberglass Components 07/2013
SB-RAF-048_0815 NO48- CPRONOT.RAF-48 Seat Tank 08/2015
SB-RAF-049_0815 NO49- CPRONOT.RAF-49 Alternator Belt 08/2015
SB-RAF-050_0815 NO50- CPRONOT.RAF-50 Conformity Reminder – RAF2000 Gyroplane 08/2015
SB-RAF-051_0815 NO51- CPRONOT.RAF-51 Withdrawn 08/2015
SB-RAF-052_0815 NO52- CPRONOT.RAF-52 Pre & Post Flight Inspections 08/2015
SB-RAF-053_1015 NO53- CPRONOT.RAF-53 Adjustments, Maintenance & Repair on Critical Components 10/2015
SB-RAF-054_0116 NO54- CPRONOT.RAF-54 Fuel Probe replaced with Fuel Management Computer 01/2016
SB-RAF-055_1116 NO55- CPRONOT.RAF-55 503-010-A01 – New Installation Procedures 11/2016
SB-RAF-056_1016 NO56- CPRONOT.RAF-56 Propeller Strike 10/2016
SB-RAF-057_0818 NO57- CPRONOT.RAF-57 Airworthiness, Liability, Warranty 08/2018