Aviation Consulting

We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience will help others within the Aviation industry and will foster new relationships and broaden the aviation footprint and bring new markets and technology to the aviation industry in South Africa.

Our consulting services will include the following:

Consulting and facilitation on requirements as requested by SACAA, the CARs, and the CATS.

Review of documents and manuals for approval by SACAA.

Assist and guide in the structure of the organization in terms of operations, documents, etc. (especially new organizations)

Explanation of the SACARs and CATS and implementation of such, where necessary.

Annual Audits, based on audit schedules developed by the aviation individual or company, will assist to develop such checklists, to ensure compliance with regard to CARs, CATS, and MOP.  (All internal weekly, monthly, and quarterly audits are to be conducted by a person identified by the organization)

Audit reports for corrective action, Accountable Manager to ensure that all corrective actions are delegated to the responsible persons and that it is closed out.

Assist in preparing for audits through the Annual Audit review.

Attend CAA MS Teams Audits on behalf of the client, and where required.

Travel for in-person Audits only. We prefer online meetings and desktop audits unless an in-person audit cannot be avoided, therefore the company to identify a Quality Auditor/Quality Manager that we can teach (at a fee) that can take over the QAM role once your management team is comfortable that the transfer of training has taken place.

Quality Auditing & Management

Quality auditing and management service are outsourced and offered in a consulting and review position, and this must not be confused with a full-time employment position. Therefore, the aviation individual or organization should have the required personnel to deal with day-to-day Quality checks, internal audits, and management of administrative responsibilities.

Aviation Applications

Aviation Applications will include any application that has to be made to a Civil Aviation Authority for approval or acceptance in terms of:

Aircraft approvals, registration, and airworthiness

Pilot & Crew licensing

Organizations, in terms of Manufacturing, Maintenance, Commercial Aerial Work Operations etc.

Special Approvals, in terms of import of Aircraft into South Africa