Commercial Use

The RAF 2000 are used commercially in a variety of Aerial Work operations.

The RAF 2000 continues to be an important tool and prerequisite to obtaining accurate estimates in Aerial counts which are widely used in African Wildlife management.  Where any inspection or predator control is required, we can help. 

Fruit flies are international quarantine pests, restricting trade if not controlled successfully, the RAF 2000 gyroplane is instrumental in assisting the Lower Orange River farmers in the fight against this pest with the application of Aerial Baiting. 

The RAF 2000 can be used for deforestation, windmill inspection, power, pipe and fence line inspection, a real workhorse that will give you a bird’s eye view.

We strive to provide a professional and quality service with high safety standards. Give us a call.

Please note that various registration and licenses to be obtained from the various authorities to be able to offer any Aerial Work Operations.

ESFERA Consulting Trading and Development (Pty) Ltd, a sister company of RAFSA, holds a Domestic Air Service License (G1457D) and an Operating Certificate in terms of Part 96 (G1457D) of the Civil Aviation Regulations, as amended.  All Aerial Work Operations is conducted under this Approved Operations Manual and Operational Specification.