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The Gold Standard in Gyroplane Safety

All RAF 2000 are sold with the understanding and commitment from our customers that training is essential. RAF is the only gyroplane company to have developed a full and complete training syllabus that surpasses the requirements set out by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Ministry of Transport.

Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) is the only gyroplane company that recommend 25 to 45 hours of dual flight instruction by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) is the only gyroplane company that demands at least 250 hours on the RAF 2000 by each of the CFIs before they demonstrate or train in the RAF 2000. Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) is the only gyroplane company that requires each CFI go through a full company check ride with the RAF chief CFI before they are considered for training Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) customers.

Each CFI has built an RAF 2000 Gyroplane and understands the complete methodology of building and set up of the RAF 2000. Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) is the only gyroplane company to provide a complete inspection report that covers all the aspects in the RAF 2000 gyroplane build. This gives the CFI and the owner a means of assuring a complete inspection has been completed.

Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) set the standard where each RAF built is to be inspected set up and test flown by a qualified RAF CFI. The Rotary Air Force SA (RAFSA) programs are above the standard for the entire gyroplane industry.

The RAF process provides standards not embraced by the competition. The RAF standards reflect the demands of a group of professionals. These professionals appreciate the best life has to offer and aspire to be the best at what ever they undertake. The RAF 2000 and the RAF program is the only solution and meet the demands of the informed purchaser.

Safety and Training

The RAF 2000 Gyroplane design improves the controllability and acceptable flight characteristics of the gyroplane. RAF is dedicated to continue research and development projects to ensure that our clients receive a very controllable, user-friendly aircraft. However, innovations and devices will not eliminate the need for pilot training. The RAF 2000 Gyroplane is sold with the understanding that PROPER and ADEQUATE flight training is a MUST for the SAFE and LEGAL operation of the gyroplane. Training with a qualified Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) authorized by Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration, and International Civil Aviation Authorities Is the first basic step in your safety as a gyroplane owner operator