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Training Terms & Conditions PDF Print E-mail

1. Application for RAF2000 Gyroplane Build Number from SACAA

• All registration fees, membership fees, license fees, admin fees and postage will be for your account.
• We do not guarantee registration of your aircraft and merely assist.
• Registration of your Aircraft is done through SACAA & RAASA governing bodies.
• Once your 50% Non-Refundable deposit is paid and reflects in our bank account, we apply to the SACAA for a Build Number, then only the assembly process of your RAF2000 Kit can commence.
• RAFSA then allocates a Kit Serial Number to your  Aircraft.
• We then only start to “pick” your kit for construction from our Parts Warehouse. 

We also advise our Manufacturing department to start with manufacturing on all your Fiberglass Components, and your Rotorblades.  Once you confim your anodising colour we send all the aluminum components away for anodising.  With this 50% deposit we also place the order for your engine and instruments on your dash.

2. Registration of the RAF2000 Gyroplane

• Once your aircraft is fully assembled, and the rest of the outstanding monies received, which is payable one month prior to release of your aircarft, we register this aircraft in your name or the name of your company and apply for the Aircraft Registration Card upon which the SACAA will issue the ZU- Registration Numbers.

3. Subaru Engine Break in Period – 20hrs

• The Factory re-build Subaru Engine needs to run (Break-in Period) for 20hrs at different rev levels, this can take up to 14 working days, as we check all the electrics and avionics on your machine, to ensure that all is in working condition. 
• Fuel for the 20hrs break-in period is for your account and you will be billed accordingly.
• Radiator needs to be flushed and oil drained and replaced after the 20hrs, this is for your account.

4. Proving Flight – Test Fly Hours – 25hrs

• Once the Engine has been broken in, we apply for a Proving Flight from SACAA, once received this “permit to test fly”  we do the various in-flight testing by a rated test pilot for at least 25hrs, this is another 14 – 30 working days, weather permitting. 
• The Fuel for this 25hrs test flying as well as the rated test pilots hourly rate to conduct these test flights is for your account, and you will be billed accordingly.
• Radiator needs to be flushed and oil drained and replaced after the 25hrs, this is for your account.
• The first 25hr maintenance service to be done, according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule.  This is for your account

5. Application for Full Permit to Fly – Authority to Fly (ATF)

• Once the testing is done and the 25hr of the Proving Flight is completed, we apply for the Authority to Fly, “Full Permit to Fly”  once this is received from the SACAA, then only we can commence with in-flight instruction and training. 
• Please note that we have to received the original documentation & permits from SACAA before any in-flight training may commence.

6. Flight Manual

• All of these registration and permit to fly documentation must be in orginal and in a Flight Manual which we issue you with and will be placed in your Aircraft.  This Flight Manual must be in your Aircraft at all times and must be current. SACAA will send approval letter of this Manual.
• RAFSA will put this manual together for you, send it to SACAA for approval. 
• The cost of this Flight Manual will be billed to your account.

7. Recreational Pilot License & National Pilot License

• Once you start with your in-flight training, we apply for your Recreational Pilots License.
• In order for us to apply for this from RAASA, we need the following:
o 4 x Passport Colour Photographs
o 4 x Certified Copies of your ID and or Passport
o Flight Medical Paperwork conducted by a Aviation medical practitioner, we have a qualified medical practitioner in Upington and can schedule this appointment on your behalf.
• After completion of your training and solo we apply for your National Pilots License from RAASA.

8. Registration Process Step by Step

• We first apply for the Build Number from SACAA.
• We then apply for the Registration Certificate, the ZU registration numbers.
• We also apply for the Radio Base Station from ICASA.
• We also apply for the Aeroclub and SAGPA Membership.
• We also apply for your Recreational Pilots License.
• When Assembly is completed we apply for the Proving Flight Permit.
• We also together with the Proving Flight application apply to COMAV for an Full Insurance and Third Party Insurance Quote.  Third Party Insurance is compulsary.
• Once the Proving Flight Hours is compeleted we apply for the Authority to Fly Permit
• Once you completed your Solo Hours we apply for your National  Pilots License

NOTE:  SACAA, RAASA &  AEROCLUB require that all application forms is received in original, therefore for each application to any of these governing bodies there will be an RAFSA administration fee and courier/postage fees.  You will be invoiced seperately for each application.

Please note that it is not compulsary for you to do any of these applications through our licencing & registration department, you are more then welcome to deal with the governing bodies yourself. If you then require any assistance from our Licensing & Registration department you will be charged an administration fee per application.

9. Insurance

• The Aircraft is covered for fire and theft on our insurance until the day of completion of the RAF2000 Assembly, whereby the aircraft will be removed from our insurance and it is your responsibility to ensure the aircraft. 
• We strongly advise that you insure your RAF2000 as soon as it is ready for the 25hrs Proving Flight.
• For more details on Insuring your aircraft please let us know, we will gladly assist with the insurance quote.
• We recommend COMAV Risk Services for RAF2000 insurance. 
• Once the 50% non-refundable deposit has been paid we insure your aircraft for fire and theft only at a cost to your account as quoted.

10. Landing Fees (Training)

• As we do the in-flight training at the Upington International Airport, we are charged by ACSA a landing fee for everytime we utilise the runway.
• Landing fees is for your own account and will be billed accordingly.
• Please note that the 25hrs Proving Flight Landing Fees will also be for your account, as well as any other test flights that needs to be done.

11. Hangerage

• During the time of your training, hangerage will be charged monthly, as hangerage at Upington International Airport GA Hangers are limited.

12. Fuel for Training

• All fuel consumed during your  in-flight training is for your account.
• The aircraft consists of a 90litre fuel tank and during training you consume 25litres per hour, which is 50 litres per day.
• Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have fuel ready for training, RAFSA’s instructors are not responsible for ensuring fuel for your aircraft.
• Due to health and safety regulations, we are not allowed to keep fuel at the premises. 

13. Training Terms & Conditions

• All students to be fluent in English, speak, write & read as there is exams to be written.
• You also need your own Headset to train with, and these costs are separate from the 50% non-refunable deposit you have paid towards your Aircraft, unless this was included in your Quote, then the rest of the 50% on the headsets itself are payable before you commence with training. 
• School’s headsets is for instructors use only and not for students.
• Training is done in South Africa at the Rotary Air Force South Africa offices which is in Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa.
• Unless otherwise arranged, training is done in the purchasers/owners aircraft
• Training will only commence once full payment on all the training costs have been received.
• The once of training fee includes Dual Training of 45hrs, this fee is non-refundable should you complete your Dual & Solo hours under this amount.  Should you exceed the 45 hrs, you will be billed accordingly at an hourly rate. 
• This in-flight Training rate cannot be utilised towards payment to any other instructors not registered under our School or any other separate entity. 
• The Flat Training rate is only valid for training with Upington Microlight & RAF2000 Training Centre instructors.
• We do not charge you for the 15 Solo  Hours that you need to complete under our supervision, but you will be billed for the Dual Solo Consolodation hours, which is billed at the normal in-flight training hourly rate.
• Solo hours fuel is for your account.
• The average of between  38 and 45 hours of in-flight training, with a flight instructor, are required, these hours are broken up into 2 or 3 hours of in-flight training per day,  all depending on the weather conditions and the availability of the Flight Instructor.
• There is normally one, one hour in-flight training session in the morning, unless otherwise confirmed to you by the Flight instructor (Summer Months 06h30 – 07h30, 08h00 – 09h00 & 17h30 – 18h30)(Winter Months 07h00 – 08h00, 10h00 – 11h00 & 17h00 – 18h00) there is normally only one, one hour in-flight training session in the afternoon, unless otherwise arranged with the Flight Instructor. 
• The rest of the hours is spend on Theory and then self study.
• Please note that these hours is the average of hours required before going solo, again all depening on the student, if the flight instructor is not a 100% comfortable with the in-flight training progress during the 45 hours and extra in-flight hours are required, this will be billed at the hourly rate and is for the students account and are not included in the initial and original training quote. 
• In-flight training can be anything from 20 – 60 working days to ensure that the student is a 100% ready for solo.
• Training is done from a Monday to a Friday, one hour training session on a Saturday morning charged the normal fee per hour + 50%.   NO TRAINING ON SUNDAYS

14. Right of Admission Reserved

• Students are not allowed at all in any of the RAFSA warehouses, during their “off” time, this time should be used to learn theory and cannot be spend at the RAFSA offices, as instructors and staff need to carry on with their work and cannot be interrupted. 
• This is for your own safety aswell.

15. Machine Shop & Parts Store Rules & Regulations

• Please sign the register with your time in and time out
• All rules pertaining to safety and equipment to be adhered to by all working in the machine shop
• No children allowed in any of the warehouses due to health and safety precautions
• No cameras or cell phones allowed of any sort
• No unauthorised persons allowed in machine shop without a job card
• Students/pilots that need to work on their own aircraft must report to machine shop manager, book a date, a bay and obtain a job card
• Appointment to be made with machine shop manager, for any space or tools to be used from the machine shop
• All tools and equipment to be replaced back on the shelves or where they are stored
• Machine shop personnel will not be kept from their work by no-one and nobody are to interfere with any of the staff during working hours
• Casual conversations can be taken up in the general reception hanger
• No one allowed in parts store period
• Only parts store personnel will issue parts and only to the machine shop manager to distribute
• Parts will not be issued without a job card
• All assistance from shop staff, tools used and space utilised will be billed to the clients account
• Shop manager to sign off each job card at end of each day and completion of job for invoicing department
• It is your responsibility to ensure that you and the machine shop manager agree to the parts used and time utilised , this is signed off by both of you daily for invoicing

16. Training Literature & RAASA Exams

• Training Literature are not included in the Training Price Quote and is billed seperately.  This material can be purchased directly from the Parts Warehouse.  We keep stock of the following literature.

• Rotorcraft Flying Handbook,
• The Pilots Radio Handbook  (this course is done at RAFSA Office by a authorised ATC),
• PPL – Jim Davis,
• Airlaw for Private Pilots,
• Meteorology

All 6 Exams are writing in our Examination Room, it is online exams and we apply for a student number from RAASA. 

Pre & Post Exam Preperation and discussions will be charged at an hourly fee, and are not included in the ground schooling fees.

17. Cancellation Penalties & Training Booking Conditions

• All bookings for training to be made one month or at least 7 days prior to the training date, last minute bookings will not be accepted.  Booking requests can be send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
• Please note that our training schedule changed daily and booking in advanced is recommended to avoid any dissapointment.
Cancellation and/or amendments will attract the following charges, which will automatically be debited to your account.

75% if booking cancelled, 0 to 7 days prior to training commence date
50% if booking cancelled, 8 to 14 days prior to training commence date
25% if booking cancelled, 15 to 21 days prior to training commence date.

18.  Training in the schools or instructors Gyro

• When training is done in the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR or schools aircraft, and the student have not purchased or owns an RAF2000 Gyroplane,  the fee is R1500.00 per hour, inclusive of fuel, unless otherwise arranged in writing.
• For Aircraft being constructed and the owner wants to start immediately with training, we will glady start with the training on our School’s Aircraft at the quoted flat Training Fee.  We only allow this to make up for the construction time on the owners aircraft, so by the time you have completed your dual training your aircraft should be near completion. 
• Please note that once you reach Solo, this must be done on your own Aircraft.  Solo hours are not allowed on our Schools Training Aircraft.
• The student is fully liable for any damages to the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR or schools aircraft should an incident occur, the excess fee and other insurance and repair costs is for the students account.

19. Orientation Training at Student Airfield

• Once you have completed your Solo hours under RAFSA supervision, we suggest that orientation training for about 4 – 5 hours is done at your home based airfield to familiarize yourself with your flying area at home and that we can point out any danger points or areas in and around your flying area, for your own safety.  We can also make sure that the landing trip is suitable.
• Orientation Training to be booked in advanced.
• Only a Certified RAF2000 FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR may conduct this.
• Please note that all travelling cost, fuel, accommodation & meals will be for your account. 
• There is also a daily out of office rate for the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR, over and above the in-flight training hourly rate.
• All rates and fees can be confirmed with our Training Department.
• It is advisable to book the orientation training, the decision is still yours to make.

20. Delivery of your Aircraft

• All costs regarding delivery of your Aircraft will be for your account. 

21. Fees and Items Not Included, these prices subject to change without prior notice and is merely an indication for budget purposes.

Application Build Number  R1100.00
Application Aircraft Registration R1600.00
Application Proving Flight R1200.00
Proving Flight Test Pilot Hourly Rate R375.00 p/h
Application Authority to Fly R1200.00
Application Student Pilot License R1250.00
Application National Pilot License R1250.00
Application ICASA Radio License R1500.00
Radio Course R600.00
Application Aero club & SAGPA Memberships R1450.00
Third Party Insurance Part of Insurance Quote
Flight Medical Depending on Medical Practitioner
Flight Manual R855.00
COMAV Insurance Depending on Value of Insurance
Registration Marks – Stickers R270.00
Landing Fees R25.00 per landing
Monthly Hanger Fees R450.00 per month
Extra Training Hours R850.00 per hour, excludes Fuel
RAASA Exams R1400.00
Training Literature R1600.00
Logbooks R500.00
Fuel For your account
Radiator Flush & Oil Change (20hrs & 25hrs) Labour Shop Rate @ R 450.00 p/h, Excluding the Oil and Radiator Flush
First 25hr Service as per maintenance schedule, Labour Shop Rate @ R 450.00 p/h, Excluding the Replacement Parts

Orientation Training 

  • Travel KM Charges @ R2.42 per km,
  • Travel Time @ R175.00 per hour,
  • Out of Office Daily Rate @ R3000.00 p/d,
  • Orientation In Flight @ R375.00 p/h
  • Accommodation @ R650.00 per night
  • Meals @ R330.00 per day

Delivery Fees 

  • Travel KM Charges @ R2.42 per km
  • Travel Time @ R175.00 per hour
  • Out of Office Daily Rate @ R3000.00 p/d
  • Accommodation @ R650.00 per night
  • Meals @ R330.00 per day

Meals & Accommodation For your own arrangements in Upington

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